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A-to-Z 5 Crypto Coins To HODL

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Our first pick, Aragon Network (ANT), is solving one of the pain points in cryptocurrency: governance.

Aragon’s goal is to build a digital jurisdiction and online decentralized court system using blockchain. Organizations (such as companies) can build a custom set of rules to govern relationships via the network, or resolve disputes between parties.

By removing unnecessary intermediaries and third parties who impose artificial restrictions and complex regulations, Aragon aims to modernize the way organizations are run.

And right now, Aragon is trading at a 50% discount to its cash value, which gives us a great opportunity to get in today.

As always, place no more than $210–410 for smaller accounts and $510–1,100 for larger accounts into this trade.

Trade No. 1: Buy Aragon Network (ANT)
Buy-up-to Price: $8.5
Stop Loss: None
Buy It On: BittrexLiqui
Store It On: MyEtherWallet

Important Note: Cryptocurrencies are volatile. If Aragon’s price is above our recommended buy-up-to price at the time you read this, just be patient. Don’t chase the price, and wait for it to come down. This will ensure that you don’t pay more than we believe a cryptocurrency is worth. Meanwhile, if we adjust our buy-up-to price, we’ll send you an alert.

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