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Bitquence Launches Crowdsale For ‘Consumer-Friendly’ Crypto Wallet & Portfolio Diversification

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First published on Forbes on  by Roger Aitken

An initiative targeting mainstream consumers with a “user-friendly crypto wallet” and touted powerful features to enhance accessibility, Bitquencetoday launched a crowdfund backed by an international group of experts. The project is driven by the idea that people are “irrevocably changing” the way they interact with financial services.

The aim is to create a bridge between the “past and future of finance” with what are said to be a range of innovative and robust tools, including a universal wallet and so-called ‘one-click’ diversification.

Ongoing for the past several months, the development is explained in terms of enabling users to start with a specific asset allocation, for example big cap coins, privacy coins or fog computing. It provides exposure to a specific sector of the cryptocurrency market. And, from that point on users can then add, remove or rebalance their portfolios.

A Multi-Year Project 

Described as being a “multi-year project and vision” by its founders, Bitquence aims to go market by the end of 2017 with the Bitquence wallet, Cold storage, Proof of Stake and portfolio diversification. Next year plans are slated to initiate the liquidity network, value transfer and fiat gateway.

Amid heightened interest in the concept of digital currencies and individuals being able to take greater control of their finances, the  company contended that existing blockchain solutions are “rarely user-friendly.”

To illustrate the point. Just think here about how hard it can be to participate in a crowdsale with your ethereum wallet or setup a PIVX wallet. Or, just how utterly out of luck you are should you lose a private key.

“The ecosystem can be really hard and unforgiving and way way beyond the reach of mass adoption…and somewhat out of reach even for early adopters,” a Bitquence spokesman reflected.

Source: Forbes

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