Home Business CEO Financial IT, Chris Principe: “I will be there” Caribbean Dealshaker Expo this Summer!

CEO Financial IT, Chris Principe: “I will be there” Caribbean Dealshaker Expo this Summer!

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Chris Principe will be attending the Dealshaker Expo! in the Caribbean!

Chris Principe: How cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology impact financial services?

Chris Principe has worked in International Trade as a consultant, trainer, banker, exporter/importer, financial solutions provider for over 25 years in sales, development, and delivery of products focused on International Banking covering Trade and Supply Chain Finance, Cryptocurrency, Cash Management, Payments, FX and Open Account Processing. Strategic focus on delivering Blockchain, and cloud deployment of financial services. After starting in banking, he founded Medi-Globe, in 1985, an Import/Export Management Company, which he sold in 1998. Since 1999, he has been dedicated to International Banking and has been to over 120 different countries.

Mr. Principe brings a wealth of international business experience from the corporate perspective, as a customer of the banks and that of a banking software provider. Additionally, as the publisher of Financial IT (www.financialit.net) and FinFuture (www.fin-future.com) magazines and a partner in 4 different software companies of which 2 are doing work on the Blockchain gives him a broader background with a unique view to draw from. Chris is a futurist interested in the use of cryptocurrencies powered by blockchain as a reserve currency for global trade and to provide alternative financial power to people and businesses. He is the official Trade Finance Certificate Instructor for FIBA and Florida International University. Chris is an invited keynote speaker at international banking and fintech events and has authored over 35 articles. Mr. Principe holds a BA degree from Hawthorne College.

Specialties: International Transaction Banking, Trade Finance, Supply Chain Finance, Cryptocurrency, Open Account, LCs, Import/Export, Billpay, Compliance, FX, Cash Management, Payments, Blockchain, DLT, SaaS, Digital banking.

CEO Financial IT, Chris Principe: I will be there! Caribbean Dealshaker Expo this Summer!

What is Dealshaker?

The first e-commerce platform to use OneCoins (ONE), the DealShaker, was opened for merchant registrations on January 16, 2017. Today, a year later, with over 69000 registered merchants and more than 360 000 logged in visitors daily from around the world, the DealShaker is the first e-commerce platform offering global deals.

The purpose of DealShaker is to serve as a hub and an advertising platform, enabling customer-to-customer and business-to-customer deal promotions in price combinations of OneCoin cryptocurrency and cash. Merchants can sell their products at a discount or at full price. The only condition they should bear in mind is that they will receive at least 50% of the price of the offered product or service in ONE. Merchants can also accept the full coupon price in ONE by adjusting the slider to 100%.

Being the exclusive cryptocurrency for deals on DealShaker, the rate of the coin will be fixed and determined by the current exchange rate of the ONE, modified with the change in the mining difficulty of the ONE cryptocurrency. Deals will also be promoted in Euro.

By joining DealShaker, merchants become part of the OneLife Network and gain access not only to the OneLife’s Network user base of 3 million people, but also present an opportunity for your business to advertise your product to a wider audience and make your product known worldwide. More on dealshaker, click here

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