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Enjin and LABS Group to work on fractionalizing real estate assets

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Enjin, and LABS Group, two masterminds of two different fields, will be partnering up to offer a service for real estate investors. What is it? Using this service, people can buy fractions of real estate valuables (assets) for a nominal value of US$ 100 of their choice. In the past, people with moderate income was unable to buy any real estate property, as these assets were only accessible to people (who are wealthy investors). 
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How will this be possible? 

The property’s titles will be tokenized (non-fungible tokens) and will be distributed via the Enjin platform. What is this platform? It started its journey as a gaming community with a massive following. Later, it launched Blockchain-enabled products (mainly Ethereum-based) to ease the process of cryptocurrency transactions. In this collaborative approach, Enjin will offer the minting and the management platform for these tokens to be produced and distributed. 

LABS Group will mainly use this technology, and people and groups with the right credentials will have the right to generate and trade these tokens. A few details here. LABS works as a Blockchain-based digital investment platform that allows people to gain fractionalized assets and trade them via a secure exchange. It will also offer a medium of communication between different parties participating in the trade. This is likely to make the entry process to the market easier by lowering the barrier. In other words, it will increase the market’s liquidity. 

What will this achieve? 

  • It will save time and money on third-parties.
  • It will allow people to ascertain their authenticity, and their originality using NFT tokens.
  • Most importantly, it will allow people from the moderate-income group to invest in lavish and luxurious real estate properties.

Why this market, though? 

This market has the potential to generate revenues and income, and it is valued at $228 trillion.

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