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How can Enjin and NFTs assist the UN?

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Enjin has the honor of becoming a part of the UN Global Compact, and assist the UN to solve multiple real-time problems. These problems will include human rights, labor issues, environmental concerns, and corruption. Enjin thinks the NFTs can play a crucial role in this department. Also, it has the power to help businesses grow.
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People at Enjin think that these digital assets can transform how the world operates. It can promote the concept of sustainability and equitability. Thus, Enjin has introduced the concept of carbon-negative Blockchain to join the Crypto Climate Accord.

The next stop is to deploy Blockchain to support the development of underdeveloped, and vulnerable communities, and in the fight against crime, along with the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI).

Enjin’s acceptance into the UN is the first step towards it and is a proud moment. It’s a clear concept that we are reeling from the impacts of the pandemic. Traditional financial methods are unable to deliver relief, but it can be a prospect for Blockchain.

It can provide equal opportunities to countries to be a member of the same group.

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