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INABTA on Blockchain: Launch of a series

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The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications has shared some important news on MiCA (Market in Crypto-Assets) and Pilote Regime Regulations program to provide and promote information on the same, within the blockchain system.  The Association, defined five principles of these programs to support the community using this network.

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The organization was dedicatedly working on securing the network and making modifications to it for the last 7 months. After that, they have come up with suggestions to improve on certain areas, such as DeFi (decentralized finance), ARTs, and EMT. The focus must be given on issues and to improve them to offer consistency.

To further help people with that, INATBA will initiate a bunch of public events to discuss it. These events will be organized over 2 months, in association with trading organizations from Australia, the USA, Africa, and Middle-East Asia.  They will be headed by eminent people from European Commission, government, INATBA members, and other prolific figures. The main discussion topic will be how to approach this technology and implement it accordingly.  Tune in on 23rd July at 9.00 CEST, and for that, you need to register through the portal.

The organization was formed during the 2018 European Blockchain Roundtable by the European Commission. Its sole purpose is to assist other companies, developers, merchants, and other users to interact with Blockchain and its various ledger-like sub-branches. It also publishes documents on the application of this technology in different sectors.

Now, it has more than 167 members (both non-profit and enterprise), and academic institutions, and government organizations. Together they are working to make the concept more transparent and more informative than ever before.

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