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It’s A First: Dealshaker Franchise – A Powerful Concept Reshaping The E-commerce Industry

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The advertising platform, which was officially launched about 2 years ago, is the first of its kind to allow users to accept the OneCoin (ONE) cryptocurrency as payment for products and services. The shopping section of the platform is the most anticipated phase of the project, after the initial merchant and product/service registrations started in January 2017.

By joining DealShaker, all registered users not only become part of the global OneLife Network, but also gain access to a multi-million user network, allowing everyone to advertise their businesses and products to a global market and substantially wider audience of potential clients. The purpose of the platform is to enable customer-to-customer and business-to-customer deal promotions in price combinations of OneCoins (ONE) and cash. Users will be able to browse through an extensive selection of offers, including entertainment and hobby, travel, health and personal services, food and beverage, accessories, decoration, appliances and many more.

This presents a unique chance for all users to take advantage of the untapped potential of a newly opened market, offering a unique pricing model, exclusive to the OneLife Network, and also expand their reach, increase their visibility and gain additional income by offering their products and services to a pool of millions of potential buyers.

General information on how the franchise model functions

1. DealShaker prices are formed in minimum 50 % ONE and 50 % EUR (if EUR part is included in the deal price). The Merchant Bonus is generated every time a buyer redeems/uses a deal coupon from a merchant, registered in your downline. The Merchant Bonus is generated on the basis of the Advertising fee which is applied to the Merchant’s used deal coupons. The DealShaker Advertising fee is 25% of the cash value of the used coupon’s price.

If the merchant is not reluctant to pay that 25 % fee from the EUR part of the price, cannot afford to offer such a large percentage of ONE from the deal price and is also willing to receive the cash part in his wallet and/or bank account, he is allowed to use the discount coupon option. If the merchant chooses to use that option, he/she must be informed to write the exact price and % discount in coins in the title of the deal. The price of the deal has to be just in ONEs (with the discount), while the EUR part should be paid outside the platform to the merchant bank account and/or wallet. A compulsory condition – if the deal is high in value it should be written in the deal description that the EUR part will be provided after the contract agreement has been signed. Buyers should be informed that such deals bear a higher risk because just the discount coupon passes through the DealShaker platform and not the good/service itself. Therefore, the usage of payment methods for the EUR part, such as wallets or payment cards with a refund policy, is highly recommended.

2. Dealshaker expo take place in many countries across the world. Information about DS expos – all expos on the territory of the franchisee should first be reviewed and approved by Corporate. For expo requests you will need to send an email to franchise@dealshaker.com. The aim – you will be provided with guidance by the company about whether such an expo is compliant with local legislation, whether it is allowed or not and how it should be organized according to local regulations and the future company plans for the territory in question. The DS expo schedule will be strictly coordinated by Corporate to make sure that no expos are organized on one and the same date. If that happens, it can complicate the expo process both for expo organizers and Corporate.

4. The Franchise agreement is personal and must not be transferred to a second party without the prior written consent of the Franchisor. The sub-franchise should only be taken with prior consent by the franchisor. Bear in mind that we will agree with your choice if it is in corporate’s interest. We are expecting your proposals on what the payment for the sub-franchisee should be.

5. If the franchisee is doing the CDD procedure for a merchant and the merchant seems to be of high-risk or if the franchisee has any doubts or questions, please contact Compliance asap.

6. Will give you soon manual how to calculate turnover fee using DealShaker. Teams are working towards finding a better solution, but for now this will do the job.

Source: https://us9.campaign-archive.com/?u=cf9659fd672fe664d487e7e1b&id=56b7aa4754

What is OneCoin?

The other currency used for payments through the DealShaker, apart from cash (EUR), is OneCoin. This is a centralized digital currency, based on cryptography and created through a process called ‘mining’. Resembling the serial number on a paper bill, each digital coin is unique. With its millions of miners, OneCoin has quickly become one of the most well-known cryptocurrencies in the world. Onecoin still awaited to be listed on its own trading platform.

What is the OneLife Network?

The OneLife Network is a direct-sales company, which provides access to a diverse portfolio of products and services, that aim to add individual and social value to its members’ lives and grant opportunities for both professional and personal development. Currently the OLN has registered members in almost every country in the world and is present in 6 continents.

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