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Major players that accept Bitcoins as payment options: An outlook

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Bitcoins were idealized as an alternative to traditional currencies. Now, it is considered as a major player. Today, we will discuss which companies accept these currencies.

Can you name some currencies that have gained widespread attention? It’s cryptocurrencies. Bitcoins, the first of its kind, particularly garnered a massive following. People use Bitcoin to purchase products, without worrying about any security concerns. And now, companies are accepting it too. 

Why you ask? 

Well, for starters, different banks and financial institutions are accepting it. And if a business wants to stay in the game, they should accept it too. Branded vendors like Visa, MasterCard, PayPal also allows people to pay in Bitcoins, so why not? 

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Do you remember those transaction and processing fees, that you would have to pay while using traditional payment methods? You do! Then you would certainly remember how annoying and frustrating they were. 

You won’t get those hefty charges while using Bitcoins, and it is true even for businesses. It’s another reason to add Bitcoin as a payment option. 

People prefer companies that offer support for cryptocurrency transactions. Research says that organizations have seen massive growth in sales figures, after incorporating this option. 


So, if a business wants to acquire new traffic, it should think in this direction. 

Bitcoin is quite fast and is available worldwide, another great reason to add it to the list. 

Paper money will no longer exist, so, there should be an alternative, other than cards and wallets. Bitcoin fits the bill perfectly.

It is profitable and time-efficient.  

Several companies allow Bitcoins, some of them are named below: 

  • Wikipedia- Uses BitPay, a Bitcoin-based payment processing system
  • Microsoft- You can use Bitcoin to pay for its premium services
  • Subway- Depends on the location 
  • KFC- The Canadian branch decided to accept Bitcoin as a payment option. Consumers were thrilled with the decision  
  • Twitch- You must have streamed games on this platform. Do you know that you can use Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash to use it?  
  • Norwegian Air allows people to book flight tickets with this currency 
  • Namecheap 
  • 4Chan- It accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin, for a special pass.
  • Benfica- If you want to get premium-quality sports merchandise, you can get it from Benfica in exchange for Bitcoins. 
  • Takeaway.com- It is a fast-food delivery company that started receiving these coins as a payment option.
  • Overstock- One of the hotshots that were the first to take the plunge into cryptocurrency, and is still doing so. 
  • AT&T (telecommunication company)
  • Boatsters Black (a company that offers luxury boats in exchange for Bitcoins) 
  • Suntimes.com- A online newspaper that operates from Chicago has the support to receive Bitcoin payments


Several bookstores also accept it, including MIT Coop Store, SFU’s bookstore, and others. 

Ecommerce sites that receive Bitcoins 


Amazon (though, not directly)

Political parties have also started to receive donations in Bitcoins:

The Libertarian Party 

State Republican Party  

You can donate to charities via this method too. One such name that accepts these donations is Save the Children.

As you can see several organizations have already started to recognize Bitcoins as a major contender. We hope that more companies will be added to the list, and we can put up an updated list. Hope you enjoyed this article.

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