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Mobilink – MOBI Coins ICO Mobile Service Telecom Company?

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Mobilink, found online at Mobilink.io, claims to be the world’s first decentralized mobile service telecom company. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Mobilink?

Mobilink aims to revolutionize the telecommunications industry using blockchain technology, building a digital ecosystem for the future. The goal is to create a global telecom service that eliminates all monthly fees to users. Users, meanwhile, can access unlimited voice and data services worldwide in over 170 countries.

The revenues that are currently generated from today’s mobile users – like their monthly fees – will be replaced by revenues from digital advertising. In other words, Mobilink wants to create a global telecommunications network that is supported by advertisers – not the monthly subscription fees of users.

Download Mobilink’s white paper here

How Does Mobilink Work?

The Mobilink Coin network will provide users with unlimited voice and data services worldwide in 170 countries. Users on the Mobilink Coin network will not pay any fees: instead, all network charges will be covered by advertisers.

In fact, Mobilink Coin aims to do even better than free. The company aims to pay users for their mobile plans. Users can earn revenue from Mobilink Coin without ever paying a phone bill.

The whitepaper explains that if your mobile bill is currently $60 per month, then you’ll earn between $40 to $250 USD per month in Mobilink Coin.

Mobilink’s network calculates your earnings (or your free bill status) based on your phone usage over the month. In general, people who actively use their phone more frequently will be entitled to receive more money than those who do not.

Mobilink Features

Some of the key features and functions of the network include:

  • Mobilink Network has telecom partnerships and interconnections in 170 countries worldwide
  • Mobilink Network makes international mobile SIM cards available to users; these cards are available worldwide on any unlocked smartphone
  • Mobilink SIM cards will allow users to access unlimited voice and data services worldwide at no cost
  • Mobilink Coin holders will receive one Mobilink SIM Card per $300 USD invested to buy into Mobilink Coin ICO that will include lifetime unlimited free voice and data services; users can also port their existing phone number to their Mobilink SIM
  • Users will earn Mobilink Coin based on ads that will be shown on selected apps based on Mobilink’s algorithm; that algorithm calculates user usage
  • Mobilink Coin is an ERC20 token built on an advanced smart contract algorithm that calculates usage based on ad views and ad revenues; based on this algorithm, your phone bill will be free, or you could even earn money based on your usage
  • Mobilink Coin can be used like any digital currency, allowing you to transfer funds, remittances, make payments, etc. internationally in a frictionless way
  • Mobilink Coins will be earned through proof of work (PoW) mining
  • There will also be a Mobilink Smart MasterCard that lets you send money worldwide instantly through a wallet-like interface

The Mobilink Coin ICO

The Mobilink Coin public ICO is scheduled to begin with a pre-sale from January 15, 2018 to January 30, 2018, followed by a general ICO from February 1 to February 25, 2018. A private ICO began on December 20.

A total of 3.1 billion Mobilink Coins will be available during the pre-ICO and ICO combined, out of a total supply of 9 billion. The tokens are set at a value of $0.10 USD.

The total supply is distributed among bounties (5%), contributors and advisors (10%), Mobilink’s Team and Founders (22%), Market Development (28.6%), and the token sale (34.4%).

Who’s Behind Mobilink?

Mobilink describes itself as “a jointly founded organization, whose concept and creation was a group effort by a large team of highly creative and dedicated people.”

Key members of the team include Rob Solidium (CEO and a telecom developer from the Philippines), and Brian Thompson (Technology Manager). Full team information is available from the Mobilink whitepaper. The team includes dozens of telecom specialists from around the world.

Mobilink Conclusion

Mobilink aims to build a better telecommunications network for the future, built on blockchain technology. That network will give users free phone bills (or even pay users) based on their phone usage, including how they interact with advertising networks over their phones.

Mobilink aims to revolutionize the telecom world with its Mobilink Coin cryptocurrency and Mobilink Network. To learn more about the system and the upcoming ICO, visit online today at Mobilink.io.

Source: bitcoinexchangeguide

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