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NFT Marketplace: 5 NFTs To Beat The Race

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If we see the NFT marketplace, we can safely say that OpenSea is ruling the marketplace. It revolutionized the NFT place but saw some problems too. According to company reports, after the announcement of free minting, it has seen increased cases of plagiarism, and spam. Also, the company would have to repay people who sold their NFTs for low values.

Aside from Opensea, you can consider selecting these options:

Coinbase NFT

Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange and has received votes from beginners and veteran crypto enthusiasts. It has launched a customized NFT marketplace, for which 1.1 million people have registered (according to data from January 2022). It is initially based on the Ethereum network and works on the peer-peer principle, but it will support other options as well.


FTX NFT does not offer a peer-peer facility, and collectors don’t directly possess their assets. The data is stored on the network, and it runs on the Solana blockchain. Also, it has a low fee for users, compared to the previous one.

EverGrow Coin NFT marketplace

This NFT marketplace is based on BNB, and it allows the NFT lending principle. This network allows people to get loans against their cryptocurrency assets. It also supports the concept of passive income, without paying huge fees.


Rarible has become a name in the NFT place in 2021 and has competed against OpenSea. RARI, a governance token launched by the network that supports Flow, Tezos, and will soon support Solana and Polygon networks as well.

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Zora works on the concept of permissionless, and on-chain trading, and this feature makes it an important entry in the list. It cuts down on the concepts of middlemen while trading cryptocurrency NFTs.

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