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OneCoin: AHS LatAm S.A. Has Launched the OFC Bundles Offering

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OneCoin: AHS LatAm S.A. Has Launched the OFC Bundles Offering

As of October 08, 2018AHS LatAm S.A. has launched its OFC Bundles Offering using OneCoin cryptocurrency (ONE). The packages offered on http://www.onecoinico.io, containing OFC bundles, will be available until January 07, 2019when participants will be able to convert them into ONE at the rate of 300 OFCs for 1 ONE.

The OneCoin cryptocurrency is a centralized virtual currency that until now has been offered exclusively to the user base of the OneLife Network company. AHS LatAm S.A. is proud to announce that for the first time it will be able to offer access to ONE via its OFC Bundles Offering. The agreement with the OneCoin company is the first of this kind and provides access to the coin to a much larger group of people globally, outside the OneLife Network.

Contrary to most cryptocurrencies where the coin has not yet been introduced to the market, the OneCoin cryptocurrency is used by a global community, with organic growth of more than 3,5 million users, over the course of 4 years. The coin is utilized by merchants through the DealShaker interactive commerce hub and part of the coins have already been distributed, creating a beneficial environment for companies and individuals willing to use a coin for global, instant and low cost payments.

The tokens in the current Offering are called “OFCs” and are presented to the public in OFC bundles. The bundles are already available for purchase. Each bundle, shown on the http://www.onecoinico.io web page, displays the particular number of OFCs that each of them provides the participant with. All types of OFC bundles are showcased both on the homepage and on the Dashboard,  together with the bundle prices and the number of OFCs. This allows both users and entities to choose which bundles to obtain according to their preference.

Participants can register for the OFC Bundles Offering in a few easy steps. In order to provide the highest level of safety and security of transactions, the OneCoin company set mandatory compliance standards which require participants to provide KYC and KYB documents upon registration.

Since its establishment in late 2014, OneCoin has been dedicated to creating a coin suitable for mass-market usage. Its vision to provide access to financial services for everyone and its commitment to its continuously growing user base have been driving the strategic plans of the company.

AHS LatAm S.A. is a Panamanian company, incorporated, existing and operating under the laws and regulations of the Republic of Panama. The Company is engaged in various commercial activities, including, but not limited, to investment, consulting services and management of commercial enterprises.


View original content: http://www.newswire.ca/en/releases/archive/October2018/19/c5216.html

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