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Onelife’s European Event In Paris – A FIRST!

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Paris – the city of love and wisdom where the greatest adventures hold place. The autumn romance, magnetic atmosphere and cosy cafes take us there to meet all the European Leaders who have been preparing on the most spectacular OneLife event Europe has ever seen.

2 days of magnified, electric atmosphere, beautiful and hard-working people – Paris gave us all the chance to meet some of the greatest names in the Network.

Truthful to his persona and pure dedication to the work, Mr. Konstantin Ignatov was present and talked about what OneLife managed to achieve by working together during the past 12 months. He mentioned ‘It has been busy 12 months for us and our global family’ without missing the opportunity to express his gratitude toward the Master Distributors – Mr. Jose Gordo, Mr. Simon Le and Mr. Habib Zahid.

Mr. Ignatov did not fail to impress with his dedication to his work. Visiting more than 25 countries, headed toward the most geographically difficult to be reached, he reminded us as why OneLife was created initially – to educate the public, to create new markets, to give people new opportunities.

One of the paramounts in his presentation were the achievements of OneLife in 2018. He pointed out the GLG (Global Leadership Group) concept was successfully put into action and it is helpful to millions around the globe. Another reason to be proud is the release of the new legal courses which became part of OneAcademy in the end of August and aim to prepare us for the financial future ahead.

Another big event was the first Crown Diamond Conference which held place in Dubai in September and brought together all the active diamonds – blue and black, together for a first time.

In conclusion, the Paris event was the crown of another year of strive to succeed, another 12 months of keeping people together, another 52 weeks of being great professionals and growing legends!

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