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The Blockchain Startup Skychain is Going to Revolutionize Digital Medicine

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Neural network-based artificial intelligence has already demonstrated its impressive capabilities by diagnosing diseases on par with the best healthcare professionals. However, the development of the AI-in-medicine market is hindered by two major obstacles: It’s difficult to gain access to big data required for training medical neural networks, and there is no infrastructure enabling doctors and patients to access such networks.

Skychain can solve these problems and revolutionize the AI-in-medicine market! Skychain’s key components are its Data Marketplace and AI Marketplace. 

The Skychain Data Marketplace is a closed loop that allows medical data providers to provide their data as a service, so that independent neural network developers can train their networks. The data providers won’t sell their data sets outright but will only provide them as a service. Neural network developers won’t be able to download their trained neural networks from the closed loop, which guarantees that data providers will get royalties for each use of any neural network trained on their data sets.

The Skychain AI Marketplace is the open loop that will enable doctors and patients to access an unlimited number of medical neural networks.

Skychain is going to unite the key parties, namely medical data providers, independent neural network developers, and users, into an open ecosystem. It’s a win-win situation for all the parties:

  • Data provides will make a profit by providing their data sets, and Skychain will create a medical data market that currently doesn’t exist.
  • Neural network developers will train their neural networks on a huge amount of medical data and get very accurate, deep neural networks.
  • Healthcare professionals will analyze their patients’ test and examination results more quickly and more accurately thanks to a wide choice of accurate neural networks.
  • Patients will benefit from the most accurate, high-quality diagnosis.
  • Crypto miners will make a profit by providing their huge computational resources for neural network training and calculation.


The team behind Skychain boast an diverse display of experience. Founder Genendy Popov has over a decade of experience in programming and extensive education in computing, and Chief Technology Officer Ivan Svistunov has vast experience as a software architect within Blockchain.

The Skychain Token Sale has already begun and will run until March 31st  2018, with a total sale of 36 mln Skychain tokens (SCH) available, at one SCH = $1. They will be continuing their roadshow by exhibiting at various conferences around the world, including Blockchain conferences in India and Russia. According to their roadmap, by June 2018 “the Skychain infrastructure is fully built, and early participants connect to it: healthcare data providers, medical AI developers, and hospitals.” They aim to be fully established by June 2019 and become “the leader in the medical AI market.”

Company name: Skychain

Company site: http://skychain.global/

Company contacts: skychain.global@gmail.com

Source: cointelegraph

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