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Coming in at the top spot, Binance Coin (BNB) is likely the most useable coin on the market today. And the concept is simple. Users of the Binance exchange simply purchase the coin from the Binance trading platform, and toggle a switch found in their account settings. This switch allows consumers to ‘use BNB for fees,’ reducing the already low cost of trading Binance is known for, in half. This lower cost of fees is taken from the store of Binance Coin (BNB) the user has purchased, rather than from a portion of the coins the user trades in and out of. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Perhaps the best part for holders of this currency are the gains realized when a growing investor class floods the gates of this over-burdened exchange, as witnessed over the past weeks. Binance (the world’s most popular altcoin exchange) had to temporarily close access to new registrants recently, but is open again for business with a new, faster interface. www.binance.com


STEEM is the Only Crypto Currency Till now which is planning to Disrupt Blogging, Social Sharing, Status Posting, Tweeting and even for Liking and Sharing. http://www.steemit.com is the official website of STEEM Blockchain.


In No Particular Order this list is presented. But Ethereum, is one of the best crypto currency for Decentralized Smart Contract System & Of Course this is the Second Most Crypto Currency After BitCoin. https://www.ethereum.org/


Onecoin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency. Although not on any public exchange yet, its owner’s vision is to make cryptocurrency more accessible with a revolution design similar to that which expanded the use of the Internet. Cryptocurrency is in a similar position to what people called the World Wide Web in the ’90s. Cryptocurrency is also a protocol that enables people to connect, but it isn’t necessarily easy to use. In the ’90s and early 2000s, before social media, there was a similar technical barrier to entry to becoming active online. Once sites such as MySpace came out, they made creating your own Web page easy for everyone. Suddenly, we could express ourselves and connect with other people online. Onecoin is connecting merchants ( 90000+) around the world through its platform www.newdealshaker.com making its cryptocurrency usable for their members (over 3.5 millions in more than 190 countries).

According to Dr Ruja Ignatova, the founder of Onecoin, the mass-market appeal of cryptocurrency will become a reality only when we’re able to build guided, intuitive, user-to-user interfaces. For this to happen we need good wallet apps and vendors that make it easier and more seamless for users to buy goods and services. Then, once users buy cryptocurrency, they won’t just let it sit somewhere in limbo. www.onecoin.eu


Like Binance Coin (BNB), is simple to understand, boding well for the attraction of a more timid public stepping into the market for the first (or second) time. The company has released Brave, a web browser with powerful ad-blocking tech, useful for reading your favorite news-sites without being interrupted by those annoying pop-up advertisements.

The token is paid to the users of the service for allowing advertisements to filter into their online experience. It can also be donated by users to sites offering relevant content. The system rewards the users and creators of content online in an open, decentralized web-experience. https://basicattentiontoken.org/

In tomorrow’s crypto-market, usable tokens will be sought after by a new wave of public buy-in, burned by the theoretical whitepapers and roadmaps offered by yesterdays cryptocurrencies. Whether burned by the recent withdrawals from the market, or naturally timid as they enter the space for the first time, the coming wave of public money entering the crypto-market will need to be met with usable and understandable products offered on the blockchain. These usable products will be the winners in the new era of crypto-investments we are about to enter. Get ready!

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