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XYO Network — Taking a Look at The Roadmap

The use cases for blockchain technology are not all that difficult to come by. Some projects take a rather unique approach to bringing this technology to the masses, though. XYO Network, for example, uses blockchain technology in an offline manner to focus on location verification.

Scott Scheper Co-founder & Head of Marketing

The short version though is that the project will allow you to track just about anything you can think of via the blockchain, using XYO’s network of connected devices.

So this could be anything from a package Amazon delivers to your home, to aeroplane baggage, medical equipment and more. Using the XYO Network, companies will be able to track exactly where things are and use this data to execute smart contracts on the blockchain.

It is a very ambitious and exciting project and given what they are aiming to achieve, it seems like a good idea to take a look at XYO’s roadmap and see where they are now, what they have planned for the near future and their longer-term goals.

So without further ado, here is a look at the XYO Network’s Roadmap.

The XYO Network — Where They Are Now

The XYO Network has already made a good deal of progress in its plans and have been working on them since 2012. Their location network already includes over a million devices all over the world. They have developed special hybrid GPS and bluetooth devices — labelled “XYGPS” — which are able to report its location anywhere in the world where Cellular and GPS data is available.

In addition, they have set up an open blockchain-based system, the XY Oracle Network, which sets up the foundation for executing smart contracts on their network.

So in essence a lot of the infrastructure for the project is already in place, which puts it well ahead of a lot of other blockchain projects at the ICO stage.

The XYO Network Roadmap Going Forward

Whilst a lot of the foundation of the network is already established, there are also a good deal of developments to come over the next couple of years. These can be summarised as follows:-

  • 2018: Q1 & Q2 — the creation of the XYO Token which will be used for smart contracts to access the network. They will also be testing the network and rolling out the blockchain protocol to the sentinel devices, which are the many devices like light bulbs, doorbells, garage openers, cars and phones that make up the Internet of Things (IOT).
  • 2018: Q3 & Q4 — Roll out of the API which will allow developers to write smart contracts to interact with the XYO Network. Also release sticker-based trackers for packages, which e-commerce companies like Amazon will be able to use.
  • 2019 — Stakes in XYO’s satellite network to be sold. Will also aim to grow the network and partner with larger organisations.
  • 2020 and beyond — Expand the reach of the XYO network around the world.

So as you can see, quite an exciting roadmap going forward there.

Conclusion — A Long Way Down The XYO Road

The good news for those involved in the XYO project is that things are already quite developed in terms of their roadmap, unlike a lot of the projects you tend to see in the ICO world, which quite frequently don’t even have a working product yet.

XYO already have the main elements of their infrastructure in place — the network of over a million IOT devices, a blockchain and their hybrid GPS-Bluetooth system.

Over the remainder of 2018 we are due to see the rolling out of the network and the ability to write smart contracts for the XYO system. So in essence everything should be in place by the end of the year for companies like Amazon to use the XYO Network if they choose. Pretty exciting stuff.

You can check out XYO here, join XYO Network on Telegram here and follow their announcements here.

Source: CNBC, Medium, TheMerkle

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