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Cardano in Gaming: What the Future Holds?

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If you are an avid gamer, you are likely to experience the growth of the gaming industry. Reports say that online gaming saw a boom by 612% in a short span. Now, this industry is using new technologies, like Blockchain, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to promote this growth.

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Why? Blockchain can actually change the reality of games, or otherwise. The consequences in these games are transfixed, and immutable. Game creators can use this technology to create compelling storylines. Also, they can prompt users to purchase certain elements. And they feel real, a part of the metaverse.

Where Ethereum lacks, Cardon, Ergo, and SingularityNET shine. They can be adapted on a mass level.

Within a game, users may have to pay before they decide to go on a mission, thus cementing the move. Or, it can be used to urge them to make necessary decisions to proceed further in the game.

With new advancements, the line between reality can blur, thus bringing the best of both worlds. It would be possible with NFTs, Smart Contracts, etc.

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