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The Pi Network: What should you know?

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Pi (π) is a digital currency network developed by the brilliant minds at Stanford. Right now, 26 million members situated worldwide are using it, with 80,000 people being added to it every day.
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The popularity of Pi has surpassed that of Bitcoin and Ethereum, as stated by the popularity index on Wechat. (Bitcoin is at 230,000, Ethereum 180,000, while Pi is at 5 million).

Even on Facebook, it is incredibly popular ( the index is 208,000 compared to Ethereum’s 162,000). In two years, the Pi network expanded after successful testnet synchronization, with 200,000 nodes. Bitcoin has over 10,000 and Ethereum, a little over 5,000.

One of the reasons for Pi being popular, is it’s speed. A pi-based transaction takes merely 3-5 seconds, compared to others (with a processing time of 30-60 seconds).

Pi has better scope in global business communication and transactions than others. It will soon launch its decentralized wallet in the last quarter of 2021, as reports say that testing is complete for this phase.

The KYC process has begun, and the opportunities for intra-country servicing will happen too. The chances of Pi being adopted internationally are quite high.
The Pi ecosystem will update and power itself as more applications will be attached to it. The network can ensure the worldwide adoption of crypto trading and cryptocurrencies.

If you want to be a part of the network, use the referral link: https://minepi.com/thepitoken or the invitation code: thepitoken.

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