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Crypto World Evolution Review 2019 : Can it Make you Money or is It a Scam?

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With the cryptocurrency market on the rise, there have been innovations that have eased the r life of a trader. One of the things that have helped, is the invention of the cryptocurrency trading bots that conduct daily trades on your behalf. Even though the technology is fairly new, many bots have swarmed the market, bringing in some great features that were thought to be inconceivable.

Among the bots, Crypto World Evolution has caught the attention of many traders, simply because of the many features that it has and also, because of the claims of high profits that the company and developers are making. We will put all those claims to test in our crypto world evolution review. 

What Is Crypto World Evolution?

crypto world evolution review

To begin with, this is one of the simplest trading bots in the market right now, working on the principles of a multi-hybrid trading algorithm. The algorithm works via APIs and helps the trader to earn profits, simply based on the microtransactions that the bot will conduct on behalf of the trader.

The company is registered in Belize, and the trading bot conducts all trades through the accounts that you have created on supported exchanges. However, the bot is not authorized to view your account details, or the two factor authentication or even withdraw funds on your behalf through your account. In theory, this makes it one of the most reliable bots out there.

When you are using any cryptocurrency trading bot, one thing that will repeatedly come to your mind is the profits that the bot will be able to make in real life and the risk associated with it. Crypto World Evolution sees the picture differently, offering different risks which depend on the tolerance level you set on the bot. If you are willing to take high risks, you will be able to set the tolerance to high. However, since the risks will be higher, there are chances that you will lose more money than you would have expected.

There is also a multi-level marketing program that can help you generate profits if you decide to promote the bot on your own behalf. The company will pay you a commission for every person who starts to use the bot on your recommendation. The networking plan of the company is stronger than its actual trading plan, since the market is always going to be volatile and the company does not guarantee, that the profits that will be generated by the bot, will be significant enough based on your investment in the market.GET STARTED WITH CWE!

Features Of Crypto World Evolution

Aside from the networking opportunity, there are many features which are provided by the trading bot. These have set the bot apart from the others in the market, helping it in generating an image of assurance and transparency. Some of the features of the bot are listed below:

1) Interface

The Crypto World Evolution has one of the simplest interfaces that you will find on any trading bot in the market. Everything is right there on the screen; from guiding you through the various steps that you need to follow in order to provide access, to the bot of the accounts you have on the exchanges.

The interface is quite well-optimized to perform efficiently across a series of platforms, including desktops, mobiles, and tablets. Everything is designed keeping beginners and amateurs in mind.

2) Live Tracking

Unlike many bots in the market that have a slight lag in the prices of the live market, Crypto World Evolution works in perfect synchronization with the market, so that the trades that the bot conducts on your behalf are done live. There is no block in access at any point of time in the day. You are able to access the system throughout the year during all odd hours.

3) Expert Advice

This is a feature that is unique to Crypto World Evolution. There are market experts on the panel of the company behind the bot. They constantly hand out advice to facilitate the trades of people around the world. All the advice are based on a detailed analysis of the market.

There are trade recommendations that are provided automatically through the bot’s algorithm as well, helping the user to make an informed choice when dealing with the market. Usually, these recommendations are low-risk trades, meaning that while there will be a profit, though it may not be as significant as you would have expected.

4) Education

This is yet another unique feature to Crypto World Evolution. There is no other trading bot that has educational tools for users to take an advantage of. The company conducts webinars, which helps new users gather a perspective of the market so that they can learn more about the process of making profits with this particular bot. Other subjects which are often discussed during these webinars include real-time knowledge about cryptocurrencies and the various how-tos to trading on a platform exchange.

5) Customer Support

This is a feature that is quite commonly seen on many trading bots. Since the market is quite volatile and is open 24 hours a day without any breaks, the companies have to ensure that there is constant technical support available to their users.

Crypto World Evolution is no different from these companies and has a technical team that is standing by, waiting for your questions and problems to help you out at any hour of the day. All members of the technical support staff are well-trained and experienced enough to provide you with the fastest solutions.

CWE Packages

CWE pricing

There are different packages available on the website of Crypto World Evolution. Each of these packages have their own different features, and are priced to provide the best accomodations in the market. The prices start from as low as $250 for one year, and go all the way up to $2000 for one year.

A basic package is just an educational tool that is provided by the company, not including any bots or trading limits within it. The actual price for the trading bot starts from $500, a license that is valid for a period of 365 days.CHECK THE PLANS NOW!

Market Review

When dealing with cryptocurrency trading bots, there are quite a lot of scams that have been uncovered within the last few months. When you research online about such scams, you will find out that before they were exposed, they had quite a lot of positive reviews. This makes it quite hard to trust the reviews that are posted online since many companies hire professionals to make up fake reviews in order to gain trust from the market.

The doubts of a  scam are heightened when multi-level marketing is associated with cryptocurrency, because there is no physical product or commodity that the company is providing, in exchange for the money that you are paying them. It is all in a license that is sold as an educational tool with added advantages, that make it a trading bot.

One such review which caught up quite a lot of buzz was that of Craig MacGregor, the founder and chief engineer of NavCoin. His experience in the market makes him a highly respected professional, and he uncovered that the trading with Crypto World Evolution is nothing but a Ponzi scheme. His basis was simple –  the profits that the bot generates are quite low and the only way that you can actually gain profits with it are through the multi-level marketing scheme that the company is offering.

Barring the charges of the company from the packages, everything that is invested by a new user is distributed among the people in the chain of introduction. If you wish to be a part of such a scheme, you will find out that it is quite a good way of duping the traders into believing that they can make profits on automation.

The entire literature of the bot is created quite efficiently and effectively, which makes it quite an easy thing to believe. However, there is a disclaimer that comes along with it, saying that the profits are subject to market fluctuations, and the risk involved is entirely of the user. While the company is playing it safe with the disclaimer, its mere presence makes it a hard thing to believe.

The fact that trading in cryptocurrencies is illegal in many countries, ensures that the company is able to operate under the table, without the fear of action against them. Usually, in multi-level marketing, you are introduced to the company by someone close to you and you cannot risk reporting the person because of the relations that you have with him or her. The same goes on with each level of the chain, and the whole business carries on – unreported to the authorities.

When you visit the website of Crypto World Evolution, you will also find out that there is no clear information about the people behind the development of the bot. The names that come up on the website do not have any relevant online presence, and are most likely figureheads created to form a company that is collecting money illegitimately. All you will see are a few experts who are advising on the panel of the company.

If you are not well-versed with the market of cryptocurrency, you might not know much about these experts and you will not be bring yourself to trust the company when you are new to the trade. This first instinct is often right, and if Craig MacGregor is to be believed, then not investing in Crypto World Evolution is quite a safe way to play the market.

Other Red Flags

Including multi-level marketing into crypto trading bots, and not disclosing information about the people behind the company curtains, having being labeled a scam by the founder of a well-traded cryptocurrency, and promising profits on every trade are just some of the red flags that we found in Crypto World Evolution. Chances are that one of two scenarios will happen before the other.

Either the company will be reported to the authorities and someone will have to claim responsibility for the Ponzi scheme, or when the company has collected enough money, they will quite simply shut down all operations and leave the users to rot and blame each other for introducing them to the fraud.

Fraud and scam may be quite strong words to use when reviewing a product that guarantees profits. However, you have to understand that even a broken clock shows the correct time twice a day. If you buy and sell at the right time, you can generate profits quite easily. All you require is an understanding of the market and the way that the various technical indicators work. You do not have to rely on the trading bots for all the work, since the algorithm that is coded into them is fixed and the market is ever changing.

CWE Review: Can We Really Make Money Using Crypto World Evolution?

Yes, it is entirely possible to generate profits using this trading bot. However, the profits that will be 100% sure to be generated, may just be a few cents on the various trades in one day. The actual profit that you can make through Crypto World Evolution is through their multi-level marketing model, where they have quite a number of incomes that can be generated.

There is a direct referral commission, as well as an indirect referral commission. Other incomes from the bot, include a bonus for every pair that you match on the binary, as well as a weekly income through a forced matrix of a 3×20 tree. If you join  a higher priced package, you can also avail the leadership bonuses, which allow you to receive bonuses upto four levels.

These bonuses are often royalties, that the top leaders achieve out of the total business that the company does or a small percentage of the service charges that is distributed among all the leaders of the company.

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