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Omnia Tech – Genesis Mining Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Earning Results?

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What Is Omnia Tech?

Omnia Tech is a mining company that offers lifetime mining contracts and daily payouts. You buy into the company, then receive a share of mining profits. The company has “partnered” with Genesis Mining (although basically, it seems Omnia Tech just uses your money to purchase Genesis Mining contracts; there’s no evidence that Genesis Mining knows Omnia Tech exists).

You can find the Malta-registered corporation online today at OmniaTech.eu. The company appears to be run out of Austria. They don’t appear to maintain any mining infrastructure on their own.

At first glance, Omnia Tech may seem like an ordinary cloud mining company. However, if you’ve looked at other cloud mining companies, then you know the industry is filled with scams and MLM-style opportunities. 

When you dig a little deeper into Omnia Tech, you’ll find that it does indeed have a multilevel marketing structure where you earn money by referring new people to the platform. Of course, just because Omnia Tech has a multi-level referral system doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a scam. We’ll take a closer look at how the company works below.

How Does Omnia Tech Work?

Omnia Tech works in a similar way to every other mining company. You sign up for the company, pay a fee, and then start earning mining profits.

  • Step 1) Register and pay
  • Step 2) Choose from a number of different plans, including lifetime mining contracts that are available for all plans
  • Step 3) Receive daily payouts directly to your personal wallet

Three payment methods are available, including VISA, MasterCard, and bitcoin.


Omnia Tech claims to have partnered with Genesis Mining, one of the cryptocurrency industry’s leading hashpower providers. The company offers small and large plans – you can sign up for as little as $100, or jump into the “Elite Miner” plan for $25,000.

The mining system is designed to be easy to use. Omnia Tech caters towards beginners – so even if you know nothing about cryptocurrency or mining, you can earn mining profits with Omnia Tech. After you sign up for a plan, you automatically start to receive mining profits. It’s that easy.

Every 500 days, Omnia Tech will reinvest 50% of your hash power. That’s the reason why Omnia Tech can offer lifetime contracts: when your contract becomes unprofitable, Omnia Tech will automatically assign your hash power to other profitable altcoins.

Aside from the mining subscription plans, Omnia Tech doesn’t offer any products or services. It’s exclusively a company built around memberships and mining contracts.

Who’s Behind Omnia Tech?

Omnia Tech’s website mentions just one member of the company, a man named Thomas Hintermaier. He’s listed as the Chief Technology Officer of Omnia.

The website describes Thomas a “a notable and experienced expert in technology”. He’s spent most of his career in quality management and production planning.

According to research from MarketingXtreme.net, Thomas may not actually own the company. The Omnia Tech website lists Thomas as the sole executive, although his social media profiles do not list him as the owner. The owner of Omnia Tech is never disclosed.

The only other “clue” is that the Omnia-Tech.eu domain was registered on July 31, 2017. The domain lists Christian Michel Scheibener as the owner using the same corporate address in Malta we see on the official website.

Scheibener describes himself as a “leading MLM headhunter”. He was heavily promoting Wor(l)d International over the past few months.

Although Omnia Tech is registered in Malta, it appears to operate out of Austria.

In any case, there’s limited transparent information about Omnia Tech or its management team available online.

Omnia Tech Conclusion

Omnia Tech is a weird opportunity. You give the company a bunch of money. Then, they claim to buy Genesis Mining contracts on your behalf. You earn guaranteed daily ROIs from mining activity, and you continue to hold that mining contract for life. Omnia Tech also has a multilevel marketing-style commission structure where you can earn up to $4,000 per day.

However, there are some problems with Omnia Tech. Genesis Mining offers contracts that are significantly cheaper than Omnia Tech. No, they’re not lifetime contracts: they’re one or two year contracts. That may seem like Omnia Tech is a better deal. However, there’s no evidence that Omnia Tech will exist in one or two years from now – so you shouldn’t give the company $25,000 for a lifetime contract today, or even $100 for a lifetime contract.

In any case, Omnia Tech appears to be attracting users who are new to the cryptocurrencyworld but interested in making a profit. There’s limited evidence that it pays out, and there are no reviews available online at this time. You can learn more about the company online today at Omnia-Tech.eu.

Source: bitcoinexchangeguide

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